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Unit4 is a global business software and ERP provider. They found themselves without the talent they needed to successfully deliver against an ambitious sales strategy, so turned to NP Group to develop a strategic hiring plan.

Starting with a blank canvas, we implemented a tailored 2-year Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution. To ensure we kept ahead of the pack and delivered value to Unit4 immediately, NP Group deployed the RPO solution in under 2 weeks. Over the two years we ran multiple intensive campaigns for large number of hires and scaled the provision of our services to suit Unit4’s hiring requirements.

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Through our global network and on-site expertise, we achieved the following:


Hiring manager satisfaction




Year RPO solution


  • Geography: EMEA, North America, APAC
  • Solution: Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Client: Unit4
  • Talent Secured: Sales, Technical, Functional & Administration and Operations.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Client Quote

  • Np Group brings a level of commitment and energy to the senior executive search and talent attraction process which is unrivalled in the market. The NP Group team are able to articulate our new vision and strategy in a powerful way, with a fast process, which helps enable Unit4 to successfully attract the world’s greatest software and technology at board level and below. Jose Duarte, former CEO, Unit4

  • The Challenge

    With operations in 26 countries, Unit4 is a global business software and ERP provider. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Unit4 designs and delivers software and ERP applications for customers in the professional services, education, public services and not-for-profit sectors. At the heart of Unit4 is the nimble culture of a start-up, striving to make business software that works the way people want it to, not the other way around.

    With the expectations of their investors of continued growth, achieving their sales strategy was at the forefront of Unit4’s mind. However, they didn’t have the talent within the organisation to deliver against this plan. They needed more people across a variety of locations and a recruitment strategy to make over 200 hires. So, their CEO and HRD turned to NP Group to develop a strategic hiring plan for the next 2 years. They knew they could trust us to secure the volume and level of talent they needed over the next 2 years to enable them to achieve their strategy.

  • The Solution

    Putting in an RPO solution can take time. But we like to do things a little differently. By tailoring a predefined set of modules, we can deploy a team of talent acquisition consultants almost immediately. In just 2 weeks we had:

    • A single optimised recruitment process in place
    • A two-year talent acquisition plan and strategy to make over 200 hires
    • Localised EVP’s to take to market
    • A team of 6 software recruitment experts in place.

    With an NP Group RPO solution, we scale with your demands. This ensured that when Unit4 went through a period of particularly challenging hiring we increased the number of talent acquisitions working onsite to ensure the hiring plan was met 100% of the time. Yet this scalability never cost Unit4 any more – it’s all part of the service we offer.

  • The Results

    Through our alignment of specialist recruiters within technology and software, we achieved the following:

    • Deployed a dedicated talent acquisition team across Portugal, UK and Vietnam
    • Optimised the end to end recruitment process for Unit4 to increase efficiency and effectiveness
    • National press coverage with recognition from the highest levels of the Portuguese government
    • 100% hiring manager satisfaction throughout the hiring process
    • 200 hires successfully made across geographies

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