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Rapid RPO Services

The demands placed upon Human Resources teams in a constantly changing market can cause huge strains on HR and the leadership teams they support. The challenge for HR teams is to reduce recruitment spend whilst simultaneously reducing time-to-hire and improving the overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

Impossible? Not if enlisting RPO services. Whatever the size of your organisation, transferring some or all of your permanent talent resourcing to an external provider can alleviate the pressure of recruitment demands and workforce management in a cost-effective way.

The result? Rapid talent deployment when and where it is needed without any internal strain.

Bespoke solutions

Your needs are unique and require a tailored approach that works for your particular set of circumstances. You may be an SME or a larger organisation going through an intense period of growth, entering a new market, needing to rationalise your workforce, or needing to streamline your talent acquisition process. We work with a range of different businesses of varying sizes that demand different solutions, from 360 total talent, to project RPO, to hybrid models. What each has in common is that they can be designed and implemented within weeks, securing high impact talent when it’s needed, ensuring a reduction in both time to hire and cost per hire.

Dedicated talent acquisition consultants

We are not generalist recruiters. Our talent acquisition consultants possess deep industry knowledge, enabling them to advise on talent acquisition based on market insight garnered from decades of experience. Your RPO team will be built around your unique needs, with specialist consultants both onsite and offsite to deliver the very best results.

Specialist Areas

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Contingent Workforce Solutions

The workforce is changing. Organisations have dramatically increased their use of contractors and the percentage of procurement spend allocated to maintaining a temporary workforce continues to rise.

To cope with this shift in workforce structure, many organisations look to engage a Managed Service Provider to deliver a contingent workforce solution. Whether you’re engaging contract or temporary workers for a specific project or programme, or to bring flexibility to your organisation’s workforce, it’s a compelling recruitment strategy to help manage the peaks and troughs of demand, as well as hiring the niche skills required in a competitive market.

Our contingent workforce solutions make managing a flexible workforce simple, finding the perfect balance between cost and efficiency. It provides organisations with the option to scale up and down an additional flexible workforce, helping them to focus on other business priorities.

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Project Solutions

Whether you’re building sales teams quickly, launching a new product or have a unique project to deliver, rapidly deployed recruitment project solutions provide an on-demand and flexible workforce. Project solutions give you immediate access to a pool of permanent and contract talent, enabling you to manage periods of recruitment spikes through a straightforward solution, without the added overheads.

  • Permanent Recruitment

    Permanent recruitment isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Digital technology is affecting businesses of all shapes and sizes and in turn this has an impact on the ability to attract and retain high-impact talent. We recognise the old talent acquisition strategies often don’t work, so we’re continually developing new methods of talent attraction to secure the best candidates for our clients.

    Combining our data-mining technology, specialist consultants, deep technical networks and over 20 years of insight, our permanent recruitment solutions will allow you to fulfil your demand plan without compromising on the quality of the candidates.

  • Our Modules

    Talent acquisition strategy and design

    We’ll take the time to get to know your organisation’s culture, values, ethics, goals and principles to ensure we represent your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) effectively and consistently. We’ll work with you and your hiring plan to optimise your talent acquisition process and remove any inefficiencies.

    Employer branding

    Across social media, job boards, direct contact and other methods of communication, we will consistently represent your employer brand, raising awareness amongst specific communities. We can work with you to design your EVP and adapt it according to the talent being targeted.

    Talent market mapping

    We analyse the market across multiple geographies to help you exceed your competitors in securing high-impact talent. From competitor organisational charts, to salary benchmarking and employee salary packages, we provide outstanding market insight.

    Supplier management

    We partner with your existing vendors and suppliers to reduce your reliance on them and negotiate greater cost efficiencies. It’s important for us to keep suppliers engaged and set expectations on the quality and quantity of candidates expected to be put forward for roles.

    Requisition management

    We work with your hiring managers to submit requisitions and manage the approval process within your organisation.

    Hiring manager training

    We open up lines of communication between hiring managers and our talent acquisition consultants by developing strong relationships with them. We design and deliver training to ensure the talent acquisition process is consistent.

    Graduate recruitment

    We will design and implement a graduate recruitment campaign that suits your needs. We recognise these are different from traditional recruitment campaigns and adapt our methodology accordingly.

    Sourcing candidates

    Utilising our data-mining technology and the expertise of our onsite and offsite talent acquisition consultants, we identify and engage both active and passive candidates who fit the job specification and align with your organisation’s values. We’ll also complete screening interviews so only the best candidates are put forward to your hiring managers.

    Screening & background checks

    We seamlessly manage screening and background checks to maintain a positive candidate experience and provide you with the governance you need.

    Online assessments & tests

    By either managing your own testing process or implementing a new one, we can scientifically measure an applicant’s capabilities and behavioural style to assess whether they will fit with the culture and values of your organisation.

    Onboarding and offboarding

    We ensure a well-managed onboarding and offboarding process to ensure your employees, past and present, continue to be positive brand advocates for your organisation.

    Recruitment analytics and market insight

    The ability to measure the ROI and efficiency of your talent acquisition process is essential. We provide a comprehensive suite of weekly and monthly reporting to our clients, as well as ATS optimisation, to ensure full transparency at a leadership level.

    Employee Referral Programme Design and Implementation

    We can either manage your existing employee referral programme or work with you to design an effective programme.

  • The Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Reduce the Cost of Recruitment

    Consolidate agency spend, reduce recruitment agency margins and secure a transparent fixed cost for your permanent and contingent workforce recruitment.

    Background Checks You can Trust

    In-house background checks are a drain on your resources; both time and money. Outsourcing background checks ensures workforce management compliance and maintains qualitative proof your candidates have the qualities you are looking for.

    Secure Talent

    Optimise your recruitment process to attract the best talent, and reduce your time to hire, ensuring contractors and permanent hires are secured when you need them.

    Focus on Strategic Priorities

    Outsourcing recruitment helps you focus on the mission critical aspects of your business. Take the day to day pain out of recruitment searching and process management.

    Measurable Return

    We will provide you with SLAs and KPIs to help measure the ROI of your recruitment process. Working with you to optimise your ATS and providing monthly management reports, you will be able to gain greater insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process.

  • When to Speak to Us

    • You’re finding there is too much competition to hire the best talent. In areas where you require candidates with specific skill sets there is a shortage of candidates and you can’t seem to convince them to join your organisation.
    • Hiring managers aren’t satisfied with the recruitment support they currently get. Candidates aren’t being found quick enough and they’re disappointed with the level of experience candidates being put forward have.
    • You don’t have a seamless recruitment process. Candidates are left without knowing what’s going on, hiring managers aren’t getting the right approval levels for acquisitions and there isn’t transparency for management to understand what’s going on.
    • You have a recruitment process but it isn’t consistently applied. Everywhere in the business does things differently and it’s diluting your employer brand.
    • Your recruitment process is taking too long. Whether it’s an agency you’ve got a historic partnership with or your internal recruitment function, they’re just not meeting your requirements.
    • You haven’t got time to run the recruitment process internally. Your focus is on business priorities, not recruitment.
    • You’re recruiting in niche areas which require specific knowledge and insight. A generalist recruiter won’t cut it.
  • What is The Cost of RPO Service?

    The cost of an end-to-end RPO model is typically based on a monthly management fee and then a placement and/or project fee when the right talent is delivered. Based on the support structure required, there may be a minimum service cost involved regardless of the number of hires.

  • Example RPO Placements

    EXCO and Board Leadership

    We deliver solutions on critical leadership issues. Our Board Search Solutions cover all C-suite executive including: CIO, CMO, CTO, CFO, CEO, CSO, CISO, CDO and COO.

    Digital Leadership

    Chief Data Officer, CTO, Head of Digital Marketing, Digital Evangelists.


    Lead Engineer, Build Engineer, Technical Writer, Developer Cloud Systems Strategist, QA Analyst, Java Developer, Security Engineer, Network Engineer.

    Product Management

    Product Manager Platform, Digital PM, Supply Chain Manager, Head of Advisory Services, Head of Venture, TPM US, TPM APAC, Head of Product.

    Senior Operations

    Finance, Human Recourses, Marketing, Strategy, Partners & Ecosystems, Customer Enablement.

    Professional Services

    Solutions Architects, Technical Account Managers, Solution Engineers.

    Sales Leadership

    Global Sales Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, Vice President Sales, Regional Sales Directors, Strategic Sales Directors, SVP/VP Market Development, VP Sales Operations, Key / National / Global Account Executive Sales, Global Head of Partners and EcoSystems.

Our Credentials in Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Delivery against demand plans


Reduced agency spend


Reduced time to hire


Significant cost efficiencies

RPO Team

Managing Director, RPO

Jon Axcell

Jon is a recruitment leader with experience of working in-house for both buy and sell side financial clients via RPO, as Head of Resourcing at a challenger bank, and through 3 years as a billing manager running a successful front office agency recruitment team. Prior to recruiting, Jon worked in Finance and has 12 years of buy side FS experience working for blue chip Asset Managers in sales, operations and relationship management roles developing major global accounts across multiple financial sectors.

Talent Acquisition Lead

Yakshini Umrania

Yakshini is a Talent Acquisition Specialist working in the Big Data and Blockchain market. She gained her recruitment experience working in the Microsoft Dynamics 365, AWS and Azure markets.

Yakshini decided to join NP RPO to work more closely with one of our clients to improve the talent acquisition process.

Strategic RPO Director

Richard Savva

Richard is a recruitment subject matter expert. Having worked in the industry for 17 years, he boasts a wealth of experience within RPO/MSP, agency side, SOW and onsite. His career has been predominantly working within Tech & Finance, although he also has years of exposure in Media, Sport, Public Sector and gaming. During his career he has managed teams of 30+ as well as working with industry-leading Directors, CTOs and CEOs. He joined the NP Group to help the company grow and expand their exciting offerings and RPO solutions.

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Big Data, Blockchain

Joshua Turnbull

Josh is a Talent Acquisition Specialist working in the Big Data and Blockchain market. Josh gained his recruitment experience working in the Python Development market but decided to focus on Big Data and Blockchain due to his background in Physics (he was formally a Physics teacher) and keen interest in this area.

Due to his background in recruiting Python Developers, he adds his expertise in hiring top talent onsite for one of our RPO clients.

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Joes Bakangadio


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