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Jobseekers: Why Choose NP Group as Your Tech Recruitment Consultancy

Searching for a job in the tech industry can be a challenging endeavour. With fierce competition in the industry, having the right recruitment consultancy by your side is essential to

Maximising ROI: How Recruitment Consultancies Can Save You Money on Tech Hiring

Finding and securing top talent is essential for the success of any organisation. However, the process of recruiting skilled professionals in the highly competitive tech industry can be both time-consuming

Job Seeker Insights: What Drives Decision-Making in the Job Market

When it comes to finding the perfect job opportunity, job seekers weigh several factors before making a decision. To gain a deeper understanding of their preferences, we conducted a survey

Interview Techniques for Tech Candidates and Hiring Managers

Interviews play a pivotal role in matching the right candidates with the right opportunities. For both tech candidates looking to make a lasting impression and hiring managers seeking the best

Remote Onboarding: Best Practices for Tech Companies

The rise of remote work has transformed the way companies operate. With technological advancements and global connectivity, remote teams have become the norm, especially in the tech industry. However, one

Emerging Trends: Artificial Intelligence Dominates as the Most In-Demand Tech Skill in the Next Five Years

The demand for skilled tech professionals is at an all-time high at the moment. With various industries embracing digital transformation, the need for tech-savvy individuals is expected to soar in

The Rise of Remote Work in the Tech Industry: Expanding the Talent Pool

In recent years, remote work has revolutionised the way we approach employment, and the tech industry has been at the forefront of this transformative shift. With the advancements in technology

NP Group Appoints New Non-Executive Director

International recruitment firm, NP Group has announced the appointment of Bradley Placks as Non-Executive Director. Bradley has 25 years’ experience of successfully setting up, scaling, and selling businesses across the

An Interview with Mark Alborough, Managing Director at NP Talent Solutions

Mark has been in the recruitment industry for over 30 years, has in-depth knowledge of the global Infrastructure, Networking & Cloud recruitment sectors and is the pioneer of our Managed

NP Group re-brands and launches 3 new Specialist Businesses

International recruitment firm, NP Group, have rebranded and successfully launched 3 specialist businesses: Scala Leadership, NP Talent Solutions and zefa. These changes are the next step in the Group’s development,