Why our Apprentice Team is Vital to our Business Growth

NP Group

An interview with James Murphy, Head of Delivery at NP Group.

Tell us about the Apprenticeship Scheme at NP Group?
We’re excited to be giving young people opportunities to join the recruitment industry. Our apprentice team are learning recruitment best practice & gaining in office experience but are also studying for industry recognised qualifications at the same time. Our aim is to enable young people to build a sustainable pathway to establish a professional career within the recruitment industry.

Our decision to invest in a apprentice team is a strategic business decision – the team is integral for us to build an exciting new central delivery division within the Group. The apprentice team are tasked with building relationships and engaging with candidates across the technology market, supporting them through interview processes, and ultimately, securing their employment.

Why are Apprenticeships so important?
Our Apprentices are vital to the future growth and longevity of NP Group. Young people are the future, and investing in them will give way to the next generation of professional recruiters.

Having employees of all ages at NP Group has brought different perspectives, ideas and it’s been refreshing to see the enthusiasm younger generations bring to an office environment. It’s great to mix experienced professionals with people just starting our in their careers.

What have been the benefits for the NP Group?
With the right effort and application from our apprentice team, NP Group will be able to increase our market presence, support a wider variety of candidates to secure their dream jobs, all whilst helping our clients hire the markets top talent.

Recruitment is very competitive, and we are keen to build a career pathway for new starters to progress into senior positions and build on their experience… home grown talent is absolutely the way forward. Building up our own internal talent pipeline helps promotes our values & enables a sustainable growth model.

Tell us about the Apprenticeship Connect Award ‘Newcomer of the year’?
We’ve worked closely with Apprenticeship Connect for the last 12 months. They help us find enthusiastic young people keen to explore their recruitment journey. Throughout the apprenticeship scheme, apprentices are mentored and trained in best practice whilst undergoing various key recruitment modules, all via Apprenticeship Connect. This is in parallel to NP Groups internal on-boarding, training & in office experience.

Based on our ways of working, internal practices, and approach to supporting new apprentices, NP Group were very appreciative to be nominated and win the Newcomer of the Year award.

As we grow as a business, we will actively encourage more young people to join us through the Apprenticeship Connect schemes.

What do our Apprentices think of the scheme?
“The apprenticeship scheme at NP group has been such an eye-opening experience for me, to be able to learn and build up my confidence in working is definitely something I would recommend! The NP family is so helpful and supportive! I’m proud to be part of the NP family.”
Catherine ‘Kitty’ Knight has worked at NP Group as a Delivery Consultant for almost 12 months.

“What I enjoy about the apprenticeship so far is the amount of care there is from the tutor, as they have a general care for the apprentices. At NP group, I have enjoyed working alongside like-minded people supporting each other to reach our career goals, while having fun at the same time.”
Edward Xhekiqi has worked at NP Group as a Delivery Consultant for 6 months.

“I really enjoy working at NP Group and I am excited to see how my career progresses.”
Benjamin Kita has recently joined the NP Apprentice Team

“NP Group and the apprenticeship culture is great! There is so much support and guidance given to you and there is always someone there to listen to you and answer your questions. I would definitely recommend!”
Lily-May Friend has worked at NP Group as a Delivery Consultant for 6 months.

What does the team look like now?
We currently have 11 Apprentices varying in age from 16 through to 24 years old. Each of the apprentices have brought enthusiasm, energy and a fresh approach to recruitment whilst supporting our candidates and clients professionally.

Our goal is to help them become independent within 6 months and progress up by one level before the end of their first year. Ultimately giving them the foundation to move into our other divisions and explore senior or managerial roles.

Contact James to learn more about the NP Group Apprenticeship Scheme:
t: +44 207 953 0021