What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

NP Group

Following a truly incredible five days of Tony Robbins New Year, New You Challenge led me to evaluate my own USPS, which inspired me to go out there and share some ideas that had to do with unique selling points in the interview process or indeed, any walk of life.

This could be anything that makes you stand out; something that adds value and that is completely unique to you, either as a candidate or a client looking to secure the best talent in the market.

With the continuing growth of start-ups and the tech sector set to boom this year, the market is highly competitive right now and it’s only going to continue.

The majority of companies nowadays tend to portray themselves as the best in the market for what they do…….they may be the largest, have been in the industry the longest, or have worked with the most highly regarded clients…But realistically how are these elements different from another company?… is it the same pitch using a different badge, with a few words changed that ultimately ends up NOT being a USP at all? You may not be so surprised to learn that many companies claims to uniqueness are not really distinctive at all. This can make it very challenging positioning companies to prospective employees as they can often have a very myopic view of their EVP ( Employee Value Proposition) vs their competitive markets. More on this in another upcoming blog!

If we, however, look into job applicants when they are seeking a new position, they need to understand their:

  • Value proposition
  • Quantifiable specific achievements
  • Personal traits

Each individual should identify the skill or experience gaps within the company they are interviewing for and how they might solve or enhance them i.e how do they add value?

The best practice would be to make this evidence-based, with data points that show the applicant’s potential impact and demonstrating a skill that the recipient employer will covet and value. I am sure that you will have heard this before as it’s nothing new, however, it’s a critical differentiator and you will be surprised how many well-qualified applicants miss the opportunity in interviews to really drive their uniqueness home!

Recently I was an applicant myself and experienced the importance of understanding my USP, first hand

A little bit about me and my background…

I have operated in sales-focused appointments across digital media and technology market space for over seven years enjoying tremendous success in both my personal performance vs my peer group and in delivering to my clients; with a 100% success rate on every retained project worked and an average execution period of under 12 weeks. I seem to have a relentless hunger to keep progressing, achieve targets, and deliver value to everyone I connect with, demonstrated through the client and candidate recommendations I have built up.

I have a passion for changing lives….(yes ….this is how I view what I do !) and strive to bring enormous value through a truly consultative approach, which includes delivering honest and objective feedback in all circumstances. I deliver results, take action whilst also being accountable for everything I do, backed up with evidence-based stories to really bring these to life. I know what I am capable of and am extremely proud of what I do and how I conduct myself.

A few months back, I started my new career with NP Group. It’s been intoxicating. I confess that I am really enjoying working here and I know I made the right move.

I was looking for a company that would develop my strengths and challenge them, whilst allowing me to create my own pathway, who would share the energy and drive I had for creating an amazing hiring experience for clients and candidates and solving problems; and expanding my knowledge of the technology market with a focus on executive and leadership appointments. In short, I needed a company to share the passions I had for my role, my approach, and my market space.

NP Group’s goal is to grow significantly over the next 24 months. Their strategy is to expand the current business lines and also grow internationally, The role positioned to me, involves the scaling of their software sales vertical with the potential to grow out the division in the next 12-18 months. They not only had great goals, a global mission, and an incredible story, but they really related to me, my values, my motivations, and my ambitions.

I know this might have been a simple strategy to entice me in, however that fact they really got to understand me on a deeper level and my own story, made me confident I was joining the right business and this has been borne out by my experience so far. Having crystal clear awareness of myself, my uniqueness, and my own value set, has allowed me ( and the NP Group) to make a smart decision.

My advice to anyone would be, figure out what your USP is….really map this out and apply different filters and lenses to it, then look for an employer who is a kindred spirit…. and don’t compromise on this. You will be duly rewarded and achieve all you are capable of.