Gender Gap Overview 2021

NP Group

London & Ireland

The information gathered examines:

  • The current London and Ireland estimated Gender Gap of Software Engineer professionals within the Information Technology and Services industry.
  • Other ten top industries across all functions and their Gender Gap.

Key Findings:

  • The Broadcast Media industry has the highest rate of Female Software Engineer specialists with 21%. In Ireland, it’s the Hospital and Healthcare sector with 20%.
  • The Computer Software industry has the least amount of Female Software Engineer experts with only 15% in London. In Ireland, it’s the Computer & Network Security industry with only 11%.
  • When looking at the overall rankings across all of the functionalities, the Construction industry has the largest gap between genders with mainly men working in the industry, 82% in London and 85% in Ireland.
  • The Information Technology & Services industry has only 2 in 10 females working as Software Engineers in London and Ireland.