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Are Diversity and Inclusion Programmes working?

Why is diversity still an issue? In conducting some research this week on something that seems to be the burning topic of the moment – Diversity, a few things struck

Woman in Tech 2021

TrustRadius has recently conducted a report on women working in tech organisation across the world. The study highlights different trends on gender equality in the workplace, the barriers to promotion and

Gender Gap Overview 2021

London & Ireland The information gathered examines: The current London and Ireland estimated Gender Gap of Software Engineer professionals within the Information Technology and Services industry. Other ten top industries

What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Following a truly incredible five days of Tony Robbins New Year, New You Challenge led me to evaluate my own USPS, which inspired me to go out there and share

Cyber Security UK Sector Overview 2021

This report provides a detailed overview of the Top UK Sectors that have employed Cyber Security professionals in the last year. Growth in the UK Industries The figures below represent