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Technology Recruitment

Evolving technology recruitment with specialist consultants who have in-depth understanding and deep networks.

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Executive Search

Reinventing traditional executive search to deliver high-impact talent quickly.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Providing flexible RPO with specialist industry expertise and innovative cost models.


Technology Professional Services

Providing tailored solutions for each and every client with a proven, scalable methodology.


About Us

At NP Group we challenge the status quo of the global talent market. We provide bold solutions, creative approaches and, above all, collaboration. We don’t believe in transactional recruitment relationships, focusing on forging close partnerships with all our clients.

Our consultants are highly knowledgeable in the industry sectors and technologies they serve and provide a consultative, advisory service tailored to you. Having cultivated extensive experience and a firm track record of delivery within the technology industry, we know how fast the market is moving, with a speed that will only continue to increase. With our agile talent solutions, driven by rapid processes, we allow our clients to increase their hiring capabilities and fulfil their strategic recruitment needs.

We are adept at keeping pace with and anticipating trends across the industry. This is why we are reinventing traditional Executive Search, increasing flexibility in Recruitment Process Outsourcing and evolving Technology Recruitment.


Our Values




Creative and forward-thinking solutions.




A partnership approach with a singular team ethos.




Harnessing success by removing barriers.

Diversity & Inclusion

At NP Group we understand the vital importance of creating diverse teams of talent. Not only is it the right thing to do, it makes business sense. A diverse workforce and leadership team has been proven in countless studies to improve productivity, heighten innovation and increase revenue and profit. Diverse minds lead to diverse thoughts, which spark creative solutions. We are committed to a diverse recruitment process and follow best practices when it comes to D&I. But we also practice what we preach. 60% of our leadership team are from a BAME background and they work hard to ensure that D&I is driven down through them to all employees, who also come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. Our culture remains fully inclusive to everyone we work with – our people, our clients, our candidates and our partners.

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