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The NP Executive Search Difference

The past few decades have reshaped the technology arena but the rate of acceleration has never been as fast as it is now. It is more crucial than ever for organisations to identify and appoint leadership talent rapidly and effectively. To do this, you need an Executive Search team that challenges and disrupts the status quo.

The appointment of senior leadership positions requires a specific approach. Given the difficulty often experienced in identifying upper quartile talent at pace, our expertise and extensive knowledge of the evolving global market and leadership landscape ensures we meet that challenge head-on.

Executive Search: a rapid reinvention

Leadership appointments need to keep up with the vastly accelerated pace of technology. Our mission was to challenge the methodology of a process that traditionally takes 6-12 months – far too long for time-sensitive executive level appointments. We are able to deliver leadership searches within 4-6 weeks in any location. How do we do it?

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Finance & HR


Board Leadership & General Management


Technology and Digital


Market Mapping Services


Sales, Marketing & Product

The consultancy market is growing and evolving, with a focus on maintaining competitive advantage and disrupting business models. Technology together with a heightened competitive landscape is disrupting organisations at every turn. Continuously assessing and understanding the environment in which you operate is essential. With growth at the heart of an organisation’s agenda, exceptional consulting leadership is essential to drive organisations forward; they have become a vital commodity.

Yet with heightened competition in the marketplace come challenges in finding qualified executives who can fully address today’s challenges and take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. Our dedicated executive search team for consultancies partner with organisations to help them carve out a clear path in choppy waters, finding the right executives to appoint into leadership positions.

At NP Executive Search, we recognise the huge transformational journey that the traditional finance function has undergone in recent years. With organisations increasingly turning to their finance team for more meaningful and insightful data to drive effective decision making, the role of today’s CFO is a delicate balancing act. Between ensuring the prevalence of an appropriate financial control environment, harnessing technology and data to aid strategic decision making whilst immersing themselves in the day to day operations of the business, it is hardly surprising that the CFO is now increasingly regarded as a highly credible succession plan to the CEO.

Armed with this in-depth knowledge and an exceptional track record of supporting our clients in building world-class finance teams, our CFO & Finance Leadership Practice will provide the high-impact leadership talent wherever it is required.

Recent times have demonstrated the criticality of leadership in organisations and as much as a great leadership appointment can help companies towards boundless achievement, a poor one can lead organisations to an unrecoverable position.  It is therefore imperative that care is taken to get these appointments right and uncover the correct skills, scar tissue and cultural alignment to ensure that each appointment advances the company.

With our deep domain understanding of the technology and consulting sectors globally and our rigorous assessment approach, NP Group is proven and potent in sourcing ,compelling and measuring and appointing leaders who create exponential value.  Across the C Suite and through to key strategic appointments, we have helped a plethora of companies in varous stages of their journey appoint best in class individuals across the globe, rapidly, accurately and discreetly.

Technology is disrupting business everywhere we look. The digital revolution is well upon us and the pace of change does not show any signs of slowing. Organisations without digital at the core of their agenda are increasingly finding themselves uncompetitive and will become obsolete.

Our dedicated technology & digital executive search consultants have an in-depth view of business models across industries. Through years of working side-by-side technology-led organisations disrupting their markets, we have the market insight and search methodology to carve a clear path to secure executives faster, more effectively and seamlessly than anyone else.

Understanding competitor size and strength is vital to making smart commercial business decisions for any organision. At NP Group, we are skilled in working with our dedicated data mining and research teams to dynamically map organisations rapidly and with high degrees of accuracy.

The information we provide is proven to be essential in aiding businesses to map the landscape of target companies, competitors or key players within their respective industry segment; primarily supporting their ambitions for growth and expansion.

Every client has a differing need and this  tailored service can deliver one or more of the following at a localised or global level:

  • Organisational Charts
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Compensation Structures
  • Talent Pool Analysis
  • Diversity Mapping

NP Group specialise in Sales, Marketing and Product executive search and our recruitment experts are able to identify, assess and appoint senior leadership talent across every market in the UK, EU and across the world.

With wealth of experience means our specialists know exactly what it takes to find a top senior marketing hire. Our niche practices provide both clients, partners and candidates with the knowledge, market insight and advice needed to successfully navigate through tough terrains in the digital era.

Executive Search: a rapid reinvention

Leadership appointments need to keep up with the vastly accelerated pace of technology. Our mission was to challenge the methodology of a process that traditionally takes 6-12 months – far too long for time-sensitive executive level appointments. We are able to deliver leadership searches within 4-6 weeks in any location. How do we do it?

  • Dedicated Executive Search Teams

    We have been at the forefront of Executive Search in the Technology and Consulting arenas for decades, giving us both extensive knowledge of global markets and access to wide-reaching networks of technology leaders. Our Executive Search consultants are experts in the industries they serve, with a wealth of global recruitment experience at an executive level. You will be supported by a dedicated specialist Executive Search Consultant with an intimate knowledge of your domain.

  • In-depth Briefing

    In order to find and successfully appoint quality candidates into leadership positions effectively, efficiently and with pace, the initial briefing is critical. We conduct thorough briefings with all our Executive Search clients to ensure we have a full understanding of your business and your requirements for the role. We can then construct a brief that optimises your Employee Value Proposition to ensure that only those who fit the needs of the organisation as well as the role are put forward.

  • Rigorous Assessment & Data Mining

    We undertake the kind of rigorous assessments that might take other executive search teams months. By utilising data mining, we are able to quickly and efficiently identify and assess talent, ensuring the longlisting and shortlisting phases can be drastically shortened without compromise.

  • Transparent Processes

    One of our driving forces in any search we undertake is to ensure transparency of processes at all times as we believe that not only should we be working in partnership with our clients, but that it actively aids the pace at which appointments can be successfully found. As such, our clients have access to live talent mapping and longlisting data. They are involved at every step of the process so that efforts are calibrated and results are both faster and more effective.

  • Thorough Screening Techniques

    We use leading screening techniques to ensure that no candidate is ever put forward that does not fully meet the brief. These include assessing the candidate’s commitment to the process, an objective assessment of their track-record, motivations for exploring the job opportunity and references. Thorough screening minimises candidate unsuitability risks further down the line, therefore increasing the pace at which a successful leadership appointment is made.

  • Our Approach


    An in-depth assessment of your requirements and organisation to develop a crystal-clear brief which optimises your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to ensure only those who fit all your needs are put forward.

    Data Mining

    Data mined research to quickly identify and assess talent. This drives the speed and efficiency of the longlisting and shortlisting phases.

    Candidate Care

    Exceptional candidate care throughout the process ensuring candidates maintain a positive perception of your organisation and brand.


    Leading screening techniques to ensure no stone is left unturned. These include assessing the candidates commitment to the process, an objective assessment of their track-record, and motivations for exploring the job opportunity, and their referenceability.

    Dedicated Consultant

    A dedicated executive search consultant who is a specialist in your industry supporting your searches globally.

  • Typical Executive Appointments We Make

    Board Appointments

    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • Regional President
    • Vice President (VP)

    Leadership Appointments

    • Country Manager
    • General Manager (GM)
    • Managing Director (MD)
    • Regional Director


    • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
    • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Head of Department/Director (HO)
    • Programme & Transformation Director
    • Sales Leader


    • Sales Director
    • Sales Leader
    • Regoinal Head of Sales
  • When to Speak to Us

    • You have not got time to run the process internally. Your focus is on business priorities, not recruitment.
    • When you do find a great candidate they do not accept your offer. Whether it is the salary being offered or complete package, something is not right.
    • You are a start-up needing to make a number of critical hires to drive your business forward.
    • You can see growth on the horizon and you need to have the right leaders in place to achieve your strategy.
    • You are a multinational corporation entering a new market. You need a full leadership team to be built out from scratch. The only problem is this is a brand new market for you so you do not have the local knowledge or understanding of the talent market to be able to hire executives yourself.
    • Your existing executive search partner takes too long. You are tired of having to wait for months on end for candidates to be presented, and when they are they are not quite what you are looking for.
    • You need someone you can trust to hire the right people. You operate in a niche market and need to find leaders with a specific background. This requires specific knowledge and insight. A generalist headhunter will not cut it.

Rapid Executive Search


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Fulfilment rate on searches within the agreed timelines


Of our clients engage us on searches across multiple geographies


Of the searches we fulfil are with leaders that have been referred to us

Executive Search Team

Principal Consultant

Benjamin Wilkes

Ben is a global executive head-hunter working exclusively in the Digital and Tech markets, specialising in the Transformation and Innovation space. He has international presence and has supported disruptive clients across emerging markets for over 10 years.

Jobs Ben ideally recruits for:

Digital Transformation Lead, Management Consultant, CTO, Partner, Operational Director, Facility Director, CIO Advisory.

Search Director

Bradley Feller

Bradley has 20 years of experience recruiting senior and executive level Sales, Marketing and Digital professionals across multiple industries. He has extensive experience advising start up, SME and corporate businesses on talent pipelining and employee engagement. Bradley has worked and recruited for businesses not only in the UK, but also Asia Pacific and EMEA.

Delivery Manager

Veronica Wells

Veronica is Brazilian born and has lived in many parts of the world before settling in the UK around 20 years ago. She started working for an Executive Search Company a decade ago and fell in love with the way the research came to life from an initial briefing with the clients to delivering top quality candidates to them, all whilst learning about the market, trends and building a network of people.

Veronica has gained experience working on challenging roles across the African and European continents in the FMCG, Agriculture, Banking, Mining, Manufacturing, Oil & Energy and Telecom sectors. She is a team player with a strong sense of urgency and drive to get work done at pace and in accordance with the company standards and policies.

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