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By Jon Axcell, Managing Director RPO at NP Group.

The easing of COVID restrictions has resulted in a dramatic rise in recruitment activity, especially for Technology businesses.  It’s meant organisations have had to rapidly adjust to ensure they are equipped to launch and manage large-scale hiring initiatives and go head-to-head with other companies to find the best candidates. 

For the more established businesses, this is a difficult, time-consuming challenge. So how do those newer companies on fast-growth trajectories quickly find, screen, and hire the best talent in the market?

I explore the role of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in easing the burden on internal recruitment teams, and why leaders are increasingly relying on this talent solution to overcome the challenges associated with market upturn & fast business growth.

RPOs have access to the best talent
Expertise & experience across sourcing, recruitment process, recruitment technology, employer branding and reporting means RPOs are in the ideal position to attract, source and assess quality talent for every role. 

RPO providers have access to a broader talent pool and have established candidate pipelines. They have already established networks of talent which are there for clients to utilise. It means they can find people who not only have the right qualifications and experience for a role but who are also the right cultural fit and possess the essential soft skills that businesses are looking for.

During a period of business growth, time is of the essence. RPOs can access suitable candidates and apply rigorous assessment methodologies quickly, so companies are presented with the best talent ahead of their competitors. 

RPOs boost employer brand, candidate experience & retention
Today’s top talent are looking for much more from employers than high salaries and perks. The pandemic highlighted the importance of being treated well, respected, and supported, both as a candidate and as an employee.  

This renewed focus coupled with a candidate-driven market means hiring practices are important. Put a foot wrong at any stage of the recruitment process, and companies risk losing key talent to their competitors. Candidates are looking for flexibility, a seamless and fast process, clear communication, solid values, and a workplace culture they can be proud of.

RPO provides hands-on management of all aspects of the recruitment process – from expertly crafted job descriptions advertised in your own branding to interview feedback and insights into what goes into an exceptional Employer Value Proposition (EVP). RPOs ensure businesses stand out for all of the right reasons and that candidates are confident in their decision to join an organisation, which ultimately aids retention.

RPOs provide complete flexibility
Market upturns & business growth don’t last forever. They are an intense period of activity, which will eventually scale back to business as usual. The pandemic highlighted the requirement for businesses to be agile enough to deal with market fluctuations, and RPOs are designed with this in mind. 

Today’s businesses can no longer risk being short-staffed, nor can they afford to take on more people than they need. RPO providers will deliver a solution fast, whether a company faces a sudden need to hire or is experiencing a recruitment backlog. Furthermore, RPOs can be scaled back or redirected to focus on another area of talent acquisition within a business as and when required by internal talent teams.

One of the key reasons why organisations engage RPOs in 2022 is that they seamlessly adapt to the reality of fluctuating recruitment needs without compromise.

RPOs save companies money
A period of upturn or growth means a sharp rise in activity, which, for many businesses, means spending more money to manage it. When it comes to engaging an RPO provider, the opposite is true. You can eliminate long hiring processes, investments in up-to-date technology, the money spent on job board posting and time spent screening – all of which can add up to a costly internal recruitment process. 

Additionally, RPOs help to minimise the indirect costs of recruitment, such as those associated with poor quality hires, lengthy vacancy periods and high employee turnover. By streamlining everything for businesses, RPO providers deliver significant cost savings while ensuring they hire better and faster. 

About NP Group RPO
The demands placed upon Human Resources teams in a constantly changing market can cause huge strains on HR and the leadership teams. The challenge is for businesses to reduce recruitment spend whilst simultaneously reducing time-to-hire and improving the overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

Sound impossible? Not when partnering with NP Group.

Whatever the size of your organisation, transferring some or all your permanent talent resourcing to an us can alleviate the pressure of recruitment demands and workforce management in a cost-effective way.

The result? Rapid talent deployment when and where it is needed without the internal strain.

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