Talent Mapping Globally

Understanding your competitive landscape and the talent map is critical for every organisation, ensuring you find employees when you need them. 


With market insight providing information on your competitors, their structure, their key performers and their geographies, our market mapping solutions assist clients understand the competitive landscape they operate in, and as a result a complete map of the talent available - both passive and active. This knowledge and insight can give you a critical competitive edge, pinpointing pockets of hard to find talent with niche skills.

What Is Market Mapping?

NP Market Mapping provide the talent market mapping definition of it being an invaluable, tailored service that provides a cost-effective way of assessing markets and skills without having to conduct a full search or recruitment process. When evaluating new markets or a considerable increase in hiring in a specific area, market mapping can help you assess any perceived or actual skills shortage and provide the foundations for a full talent search by helping you to find employees and identify talent to target in a full recruitment process. For further information on what marketing mapping is, read Laurence Ashby's blog.

Utilising our data mining recruitment technology and our UK and International teams, a rigorous global talent search is conducted, specifically focussing on your industry and competitors. The results of this market insight allow you to benchmark recruitment practices and salaries within your chosen area, and make an informed decision based on the competitive landscape and market information gained as to whether a full recruitment search is viable, removing the risk from recruitment and helping find employees in a fast, cost-effective manner. 

Researching potential candidates from a distance, NP Group Talent Market Mapping establishes candidate contact details and gauges their interest in pursuing opportunities whilst maintaining client confidentiality if required - providing you with a talent pool to tap into when a full recruitment process is initiated. 

The Benefits

  • Real-time, verified competitor information producing a full competitive landscape
  • Insight into talent pools, allowing you to make informed, accurate decisions based on the talent pool you want to exploit
  • Overview of the location hotspots of talent pools through market analysis
  • Benchmark the availability of skills within your industry to assess availability and competition for top talent
  • Cost-effective research reports
  • Create a talent pool of potential employees to target when initiating a full search for candidates


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