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We’ve been fortunate enough to earn industry awards, being recognised for attracting, engaging and retaining top talent as a specialist technology recruitment organisation.


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  • 28/09/2017 NP Projects Spotlight Event: Business TransformationDownload
  • 07/09/2017 Executive Round Table: "Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast"             
  • 14/10/2017 NP Projects Spotlight Event: Disrupting Yourself                      
  • 06/02/2018 Technology Leadership Breakfast: Disruption as Opportunity
  • 28/02/2018 Executive Round Table: Diversity and Inclusion: HR vs Leadership         
  •  26/04/2018 NP Projects Spotlight Event: Perception vs Reality - How To Implement A Cloud System in 9 Months                                                     
  • 02/05/2018 Executive Round Table: The Future of Work in a Digital Economy            
  • 03/05/2018 Microservices Architecture: The Pros and Cons
  • 06/06/2018 Technology Leadership Breakfast: Global Sustainability and IT