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The Strategic Value Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Posted by Jason Collins on Oct 13, 2017 9:05:52 AM
Jason Collins

The strategic activity of talent acquisition has never had more important. This is especially true when you are looking to recruit into parts of your organisation where there is a shortage in talent, such as in STEM areas. For many, people are at the heart of an organisation, driving sales, improvements and customer engagement to enable the business to grow and develop in its market. In today’s hyper competitive global economy, the ability for an organisation to innovate and develop with pace, truly does lie within their internal talent.

With organisations spending thousands of pounds per hire on talent acquisition, recruitment and outsourcing becomes two models which can provide huge benefits. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service that can reduce the cost per hire, whilst also providing added-value services to streamline your recruitment process and find the best talent out there for the roles you have available. RPO recruitment provides a different model to traditional recruitment, providing added services, analytics and technology either on-demand or over a prolonged period of time, rather than a focus on individual placements at a higher commission rate.

Yet this isn’t all an RPO service can provide. The true value of recruitment RPO lies beyond the hard £££’s savings you are initially presented with, into longer-term strategic initiatives to further enhance your recruitment strategy and process, employees view and engagement within your organisation and the ability to respond effectively and efficiently to future demand. To assess the real recruitment process outsourcing benefits your organisation could gain from partnering with a talent acquisition specialist, download our handy RPO or Not guide.

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Scaling To Rapidly Address Market Opportunities

Hiring is never going to be an even playing field. From seasonal fluctuations to changes in recruitment needs due to growth and entering new markets, your level of hiring is going to be ever-changing. It’s a difficult hurdle to overcome when managing an internal workforce management team, having members of the team on the bench when demand is low and reassigned to other areas of the business. An RPO service manages those peaks and troughs in hiring volume by offering an efficient, variable cost process to speed up the recruitment process by leverage their internal infrastructure to cope with periods of high demand. This sustainable flexibility means responsiveness is never compromised, and with the operational insight a recruitment outsourcing recruitment provider gains, they can begin to forecast hiring demands and volumes, and align resources efficiently, in order to provide you with the best possible service, whilst remaining within the confides of your agreed contract and cost model.


Promote a Strong and Consistent Employer Brand

Branding isn’t just a thing of legend in a B2B context anymore. Having a strong employer brand impacts your ability to hire at speed and reducing the time to fill a vacancy, as you have a positive reputation as an employer. Managing sites such as Glassdoor effectively impact this, and with an in-house TA team maxed out on recruiting during high periods of demand, it’s impossible to balance everything at once. Glassdoor actually suggests that as much as 69% of candidates would not take a job with an organisation that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed.  An RPO service focuses on employer brand tactics, developing and executing an agreed strategy to improve your position with candidates, to ultimately open up a larger talent pool and have access to the people you need, when you need them. This is centred around exceptional communication and streamlining your recruitment process, to provide the best experience possible to candidates, to ensure they leave the process with a positive outlook on your organisation, whether they are successful in their application or not. It can also mean more proactive efforts, such as social media advertising and management, and crafting an employer value proposition and delivering to an agreed strategy.


Improve Candidate Engagement

Strengthening your talent acquisition process allows you to align to a defined business strategy, whilst also allowing you to approach workforce management in an agile way. Re-designing or centralising your recruitment process reduces uncertainty around how that process is carried out, resulting in a defined, understood and expected recruitment process for candidates. In turn, this leads to an improvement in candidate engagement and their overall satisfaction. This is heightened with a recruitment RPO provider, as they operate within set service level agreements on the engagement of candidates to deliver against, such as how often to provide updates to candidates, how quickly feedback is returned, and the process of scheduling all interviews. This leads to a more informed candidate, who has a stronger affiliation to your brand, resulting in them becoming a well-informed candidate who could just be the right fit for your company.


Optimise The Hiring Experience For All Parties Involved

The recruitment process doesn’t just touch candidates. It also involves your internal customers, such as hiring managers and Human Resources. When a recruitment outsourcing process provider initially engages with you, they work jointly with your HR department to streamline the recruitment and engagement process, taking out unnecessary steps and centralising all activity. This means that you get a speedier process, reducing cost and wasted productivity, and engaging candidates in an improved way. What this means for your internal customers is a quicker service and better visibility into the overall process. A bi-product of this is improving the quality of your hires. By becoming embedded in your organisation, an RPO recruitment provider fully understands your organisation’s needs and works closely with hiring managers to get to appreciate the exact type of person they are looking for, and so can qualify in and out on a fully educated basis. As candidates move through the hiring pipeline, the RPO can assess skill, behaviour and cultural fit (amongst other areas) to ensure the right people are getting put through to interviews, effectively managing your talent acquisition process on your behalf.


The result of all of this? Better hires who are aligned to what you’re actually looking for, exactly when and where you need them. Finding those right people impacts productivity, retention and most importantly the bottom line, showcasing just how much value the right recruitment strategy can have on your organisation. But don't worry about having to convince leadership by yourself. We've created a handy RPO business case builder guide which you can download for free. 

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